Interior/Exterior flooring and cladding

Although this stone is regarded by Christians as sacred and intended primarily for sacramental uses ,it can also be used for interior and exterior flooring and wall cladding. Since it is a very hard stone with dolomite characteristics and low level of absorption ,the stone is highly suitable for flooring as can be seen in the attached pictures showing the uses of the stone and also for wall cladding . In the holy city of Jerusalem it is the municipal law to use natural stone for exterior cladding and most of the buildings in the city are cladded with the Jerusalem red stone in various finishes and sizes.

Siv stone group has exclusivity for raw material and blocks directly from the quarry. Those of our clients who wish to market and sell our products can receive exclusive rights in there area of residence upon conditions that will be agreed.

Antique finish

Stone of the anointing is distributed in antique finishes similar to the floors in the holy church of sepulcher in the holy city of Jerusalem. The antique finishes r very popular for flooring allover the world and Siv stone group is now developing a line of products with unique antique finishes.